Should I Donate Time or Money? What’s More Valuable?

Money2When it comes to deciding which way to volunteer either through a financial donation or by giving your time, the fact that you are even considering either of these options is remarkable. The sad truth is that although there may be so many that contribute to both of these areas, there will always seem to be a need for more. From my own personal experience I can give advice on which of these options might be the best one for you so keep reading if you need a few more pointers before you make a decision.

When deciding whether to give money to charity or your time as a volunteer it will depend on your personality and your capability to give generously with monetary contributions. My own personal belief is that the best charity you can be involved in is one where you are the one handing the money out yourself. This way there is no “middle man” and opportunity for corruption. Ideal places to do that could be a church, school, food bank or another organization nearby.

Unfortunately when the money needs to be sent abroad to a remote location, this makes it nearly impossible to do yourself. In such an instance, before you give to a charity you should do as much in depth research as you can, such as finding out whether or not the charity is qualified to give you a tax deduction and if it’s reliable. Donations for charity can be done online, through the mail or even texting a certain number on your cell phone. If you and your family cannot afford to give money to a charity then giving up your time might be a much better alternative to help out. [Read more...]

Volunteering: Bringing Communities Together

DonateI might not be the greatest person on the topic of volunteering, but because I have done so much of it I will share my thoughts on the subject and how it can really bring a community together for a greater good.

First of all when you become a volunteer you are automatically putting your image out for others to see. If you are volunteering for all the right reasons then people will realize this very quickly. You can volunteer in a community by working at a food bank, teaching people to read, cleaning someone’s home, becoming a volunteer fire-fighter and so much more. By carrying out volunteer work you will be acting as an adhesive that will hold the foundation of the community together. As you help others you will also be inspiring them to serve in some way as well. It can become very contagious and pretty soon you have many others benefiting from what would otherwise cost people and family’s time and expense.

Next, when you volunteer time and effort by helping others in the community you may get a chance to meet strangers. People can live in the same town or village for their entire lives and never officially meet. Volunteering can bring about the perfect opportunities to make new friends, expand your web of connections and make the neighborhood a little smaller. This is great because it will influence the involvement of fun activities and get-togethers which will also strengthen relationships. [Read more...]

Kayaking: Rehabilitation Through Activity

Rehabilitation is a hot topic in society today. Gone are the days of breaking up rocks for community service, and with the unfortunate rise in youth offending rates, a solution needs to be realized sooner rather than later.

There has been increasing debate among rehabilitation facilities as to whether sport can aid youth offenders on their path to rehabilitation. Sport can bring routine, discipline and focus to a young persons lifestyle, all of which tend to be lacking in offenders. However, it can also just provide further distractions.

As volunteers for youth rehabilitation, it important to be able to spot the difference.

As volunteers, you can have a real impact on whether a youth offender takes an interest in rehabilitation through sports. Joy is infectious, and if you’re see to be enjoying the activity, it’s more likely that the message is going to sink in and rehabilitation will be more successful. Where you need to have fun, supervision is also important, as well as health and safety, which unfortunately rules out a lot of sporting activities. One, which still passes with flying colors, though, is kayaking.

Kayaking ticks all the boxes that you’re looking to achieve. The fact that you are out on open water means that both you, and the youth offender, need to be focused on potential hazards, disciplined to ensure the safety of other water users and most importantly, it’s infectiously enjoyable. The scope for range of activities is massive, with kayaking being able to take youth offenders down the path of fishing, or white water rafting, and even racing. Each of this disciplines require determination, practice and patience to become good at, which are useful traits to instill in anyone let alone youth offenders.

Due to the ease of use that comes with modern kayaks, it’s an incredibly easy sport to get into, making it a unique and interesting sport ready to be introduces into community volunteering. With inflatable kayaks designed to fit into the trunk of your car, kayaking has become accessible to each and every community.

With plenty of choice when it comes to purchase, we found these reviews helpful when we were looking to purchasing kayaks for our rehabilitation course:

Racing kayaks have been designed to be lightweight, and easily transportable, opening up kayaking as a possibility for even the most remote of facilities.

In short, through the help of volunteers, kayaking has real potential to inspire both youth offenders and volunteers alike. The bond between the two is built and barriers broken down. It can introduce individuals to key traits needed to successfully re-join society, such as discipline, self control, teamwork and most importantly, it can inject drive and purpose to every day life. The rewards of introducing young people to kayaking will be felt in communities, as well as reflected in you as volunteers. Inexpensive, and usable for a whole scope of activities, kayaking could be just the thing your community, and young peoples rehabilitation has been crying out for.

Why Charities Need to Engage in Proper Bookkeeping

Even though Canada is one of the richer countries in the world, it still faces poverty on some level. So many people from all over the country are still homeless or unable to access basic services such as education and healthcare. And unfortunately, such a problem isn’t going away anytime soon. Thankfully though, there are many individuals and entities that contribute in their own ways to help alleviate the problem of poverty. Through their help, so many people from all over the country have been able to live fulfilling lives despite coming from a poor background.

Just how do the contributions of charitable individuals and entities help the poor exactly? For one, the efforts of such entities have resulted in so many housing communities being erected all over the country. These housing communities have been able to provide very affordable shelter to the many formerly homeless people out there. In addition to the housing communities, the efforts of charitable individuals have also resulted in so many poor people from all over the country gaining access to food, healthcare, education, legal services, etc. Each cent donated or piece of work done to benefit the poor people of the country can certainly go a long way in helping them live their lives more fully.

Unfortunately though, much of the money donated to charitable causes ends up getting wasted. There are many reasons for this, and one of them happens to be poor bookkeeping. Many charity organizations both from here in Toronto and elsewhere in the country leave their bookkeeping to non-professionals who volunteer to help them. As a result of this, much of the money donated to such organizations ends up being spent on unnecessary things. Sometimes, it is pocketed by the volunteer bookkeepers themselves.

There is one solution to such a problem, and many charities out there actually know it already: hire a professional bookkeeper. Even today, when bookkeeping software is available to virtually everyone, people still need to avail of the services of dedicated professionals. This is because these professionals are still the best when it comes to bookkeeping. The typical bookkeeper Toronto citizens hire is able to handle even the most complex of jobs at a very affordable price. SobBy availing of bookkeeping services, Toronto citizens actually end up saving a lot of money in the long run. This is in spite of their bookkeeping expenses. All charities should be aware of this. Although it might not seem to be the case, getting professional bookkeeping help ends up enabling them to better serve their beneficiary.

Hopefully, this post of mine will prove helpful to the many organizations out there (especially the charities), that do good work. The problem of poverty is not going to go away in the next year or two, but we can still help alleviate it by observing a few important things. On the part of charities, simply doing proper bookkeeping will enable them to help a lot more poor families. Imagine that: just by doing a proper bookkeeping, more families end up getting access to shelter, food, education, etc.

Philanthropic Work Improves the Lives of Xavierville’s Residents

As human beings it is our duty to do what we can to help out our fellow human beings, especially the disadvantaged, the marginalized, those whom society may have forgotten. Everyone can contribute to the betterment of others’ lives. If everyone did so, all disadvantaged persons in the world would have much better lives. People wouldn’t even have to exert so much effort. Even a little effort on one’s part can greatly help improve so many lives. This is actually the reason why I started this blog. I started this blog because I wanted to get people to help out in their own, small ways.

In this post, I am going to talk about one housing community that has greatly benefited from the help of generous individuals: Xavierville. Despite not getting anything in return, so many people have helped the residents of Xavierville live better lives.

Xavierville is a housing community set up by the government about two years ago. Although the project proved to be very promising at first, it was all but abandoned just after a year. Since then, the residents of the community have suffered due to housing problems they couldn’t remedy themselves. Because they didn’t have any money, they weren’t able to address the things that made their daily lives so hard.

Luckily, though, a charity raised awareness of the plight of the people living Xavierville, and this resulted in so many people from all over the area helping them out in their own small ways. While most of those who helped the residents of the community just gave cash to them, some actually did volunteer work for them – some of these people happened to be Toronto plumbers.

There are many amazing plumbing companies in Toronto, but none of them is as charitable as the one who helped out the residents of Xavierville. Through their work, they were able to fix and even improve the badly damaged plumbing systems of the houses in Xavierville. Since the plumbers did their amazing work, the residents of Xavierville have reported fewer health problems associated with bad plumbing.

“I am so thankful to the many people who helped us out. When the government abandoned us, I thought we were destined to live out the rest of our lives in poor conditions. Thankfully, this didn’t end up being the case. Through the help of so many amazing individuals, our houses were fixed, and many of the problems we faced in daily life were dealt with accordingly. The best part is that we get aid in the form of food and money from them, too,” Sharon Weiner, a resident of Xavierville, told us.

Hopefully, this post of mine will get more people to actually go out and help people who are disadvantaged. Even a little help can go a long way in making the life of so many disadvantaged people so much better; people really shouldn’t dismiss the small help people give as being worthless. It doesn’t matter how much money or how much effort you donate or make in helping out; what is important is that you actually do so.

Helping Out Through Binary Options Trading

People really need to make it a point to help out. Yes, giving everyone access to basic necessities such as food, shelter, healthcare, legal services, etc. is primarily the responsibility of the government. Still, this does not mean we shouldn’t have to do anything to help out. If each person in the world actually exerted the right amount of effort to help out, the world would be a much better place. This is actually the reason why I started this blog. Through this blog, I hope to inspire my readers to actually go out and do volunteer work for the betterment of the lives of the people in their community.

In this post, I am going to talk about one way people can help out in their community, and it’s through binary options trading. Just by doing binary options trading with a legitimate brokerage such as Banc de Binary Ltd, people can make so much money that they can donate to the causes they favor regularly.

Many people from all over the world make amazing profits from doing binary options trading easily. For this reason, some people ask, is binary options trading legal? The answer is yes, it is legal. In fact, there are some brokerages out there that are even regulated by esteemed financial organizations. One of these brokerages happens to be Banc de Binary. By working with Banc de Binary, people can be sure that all of the business they conduct with the company is under the protection of the strictest international trading laws.

Through binary options trading, so many charitable individuals have been able to make great money regularly and then donate most (if not all) of it to charity. Why is this so? One reason would be the fact that even the most financially illiterate can readily make a lot of money by doing binary options trading. Binary options trading is much simpler compared to most other forms of trading – when doing binary options trading, people just have to guess which direction the price of an asset will move in. A correct guess will always lead to one gaining a fixed amount of money. Considering how binary options works, it’s easy to see why even beginners to trade can make great money from it right from the very start.

“My name is Anthony Tate, and I am a social worker. Although I already get to help out a lot through my main work, I also do binary option trading on the side so that I am able to donate money to the causes I believe in. It’s really amazing, just by spending an hour or two a day doing binary options trading, I am able to benefit so many disadvantaged people,” Tate told us.

Hopefully, this post of mine will give people great insights as to how they can do philanthropy work. Whatever the case may be, people should really consider doing binary options trading for charity. If everyone does so, so many underprivileged people from all over the world would have much better lives.

From Lawsuit to Full-time Volunteer

As I’ve been saying for years, volunteers don’t get enough credit in our society. There are a lot of very dedicated folks who give up good portions of their free time to help out with causes they believe passionately about. Without volunteers, who would run our food banks, shelters, extra-curricular school programs, etc? And most people don’t ask for anything in return. No special recognition or compensation, the feeling they get from helping out is enough.

Well, despite the selfless nature of volunteerism, I thought it would be fun to interview a young man who I’ve been seeing around town a lot lately giving a helping hand wherever he can. His name is Matt Cain and here’s my interview with him:

Q: How did you get started volunteering?
A: I’ve been volunteering places for as long as I can remember. My parents used to bring me to the local food bank a few times a month when I was a kid to help sort cans and dry goods. I kept at it when I moved out for college because it was something I enjoyed and I knew how important the work was.

Q: How many hours a week do you spend volunteering?
A: As of right now I’m what you’d call a full-time volunteer. I usually spend about 40+ hours a week helping out where I can.

Q: Wow, that’s amazing, how do you make that work?
A: A few years back I got into a bad accident at work and was laid up in the hospital for several weeks. I had to sue my employer for negligence which was a really long and stressful time in my life. I almost went bankrupt but took out a lawsuit loan to make ends meet during the trial, which you can find out about here, that helped me see it through to the end. I ended up with a sizable settlement that has allowed me to live comfortably enough.

When the suit ended I took a hard look at my life and decided that I wanted to spend my time doing things that make me happy and help others. As anyone who has ever volunteered knows it feels great to lend a helping hand. So I’ve dedicated myself to helping out wherever I can.

Q: Where are your favorite places to volunteer?
A: I spend a lot of time at food banks year round because it seems like they always need the most help. I have a little experience cooking so I also spend a few hours at a soup kitchen near my house. And in the winter I help out nights at the homeless shelter because they always need assistance once it starts getting cold.

Q: Do you have any advice for people looking for a good volunteer opportunity?
A: I always tell people to start with something that they really enjoy. If you like being outdoors then spend a weekend a month helping to clear trails or maintain a park. Don’t force yourself to do something your uncomfortable with. You’ll be happier and everyone will get more out of the experience if it’s something you’re passionate about.

Matt is an exceptional young man and I know his story will inspire people all over the world to lend a helping hand when they can.

Raising Funds for Volunteer Work

Our country is a rich one; however, this doesn’t mean that all of its citizens have equal access to basic necessities. Many of our country’s citizens lack access to shelter, food, legal services, health care, and education. Because of this, we should make it a point to help impoverished communities deal with their plight. The good news is that through advancements in technology and other fields, it’s now easy for everyone to help out in community efforts. One of these helpful technologies happens to be online trading. In this post, I am going to talk about how people are doing binary options trading to help so many members of disadvantaged communities here in the country.

Most people who volunteer aren’t actually rich. Although they are able to help out with handiwork and other, related tasks, most volunteers aren’t actually able to provide food, medicine, clothing, and other tangible goods to the communities they are helping. However, some volunteers are now actually dealing with this reality, and they are doing it through binary options trading. Through binary options trading, volunteers are able to earn much money which they then use to buy goods needed by the families they are helping. Aside from being able to provide help with regard to manual work, they are now also able to donate much needed supplies to the communities they serve.

Binary options is very easy to do, in addition to being very profitable. However, before volunteers do business with a particular brokerage, they first have to make sure that the brokerage they are considering working with is a legitimate organization. Luckily, it is now easy to find out whether a brokerage is legitimate or not by looking up reviews on it on the internet. If you are a volunteer and you had to pick a brokerage to work with, I’d definitely recommend Banc de Binary to you. By looking up Banc de Binary user reviews, you will see that most people consider it the best binary options brokerage in the world.

Most of the volunteers who do binary options trading love working with Banc de Binary, and this is because the requirements to withdraw money from Banc de Binary are very reasonable. This is a very important thing. When it comes to volunteer work, after all, people need to be fast. This is especially the case when buying medicine for community members who are suffering from serious conditions. Unless one has easy access to cash, one won’t be able to provide urgent care to community members who are suffering from serious conditions should they have an attack of some sort.

Hopefully, what I have written here will get more volunteers to look into binary options trading to aid their volunteer work. It’s still okay to volunteer without having to donate goods; this is still a really big help. However, volunteers really should try to donate goods if they can afford to. Luckily, binary options trading has made earning money for the purpose of doing volunteer work much easier. Volunteers just have to make sure that they are making safe but profitable trades in order to benefit from it.

Holiday Soup Kitchens: Volunteering Where There’s Always a Need

ThanksgivingVolunteer work is one of the best ways to get in touch with your community, build relationships and reap the rewards of helping others with no intention of getting anything back. I have done several kinds of volunteering over my life time and I would greatly encourage everyone to be adventurous, travel the world, build homes, hospitals and schools and help out in any other way that you can. If you aren’t so daring but would still like to help in your community, I greatly suggest working in a soup kitchen. There will always be a need for someone there.

The first question you might ask is how to get involved with helping serve meals to the homeless and hungry. If you are reading this blog then you are already on the internet and so you should use online searches to try to locate homeless shelters in your area. Ask around or maybe go to the town office buildings. When you do get in contact with any soup kitchens and if they say they are full, try working out of a retirement home as well. If you want to help badly enough then I’m sure you’ll find a way. [Read more...]

The Many Benefits of Volunteer Work

 Volunteer 2I have a motto in my life that I have followed for a number of years now. Of course I didn’t make it up myself but I may have added to it a little. It goes a little something like this, “There are those that talk about doing and those that do. You can read about doing something or you can just go out and do it. Stop wondering what it’s like to do something and just get out there and do it.”

Now obviously this doesn’t apply to everything because I would not recommend going out and robbing a bank. However, when it comes to productive reasons like being a volunteer for a good cause, yes it most certainly applies! If you are considering volunteer work in your own country or abroad, let me take the time now to tip the scale in favor of doing so.

If you are serious about becoming a volunteer then there are quite a few things you should know and take into consideration. Let it be known that for some people there may be a few negative points about volunteering, but if you see them as such then you probably aren’t the volunteering type. I will only be discussing the positive aspects of volunteering so please decide now whether to keep reading or not. [Read more...]

Habitat For Humanity: A Great Way To Volunteer

HabitatHave you ever heard about the Habitat for Humanity organization? There was a time when I hadn’t and let me tell you, I wish I had heard of it years before. Let me tell you more about who they are, what wonderful causes they have been a part of, and my own personal experience with them.

Habitat for Humanity (originally known as Habitat for Humanity International) itself had begun in 1976 when an Alabama man named Millard Fuller and his wife Linda decided to full-heartedly put their lives into Christian service by helping those that had insufficient housing. With the inspiration and backing of their new friend Clarence Jordan there would soon be no stopping them from the incredibly beneficial and rewarding work they would begin around the globe.

Their first work started in Zaire, Africa in 1973 and eventually in San Antonio, Texas in 1976. The foundational strategy for the group was to hire volunteer labor to build low-cost housing for needy areas in America and other locations in other nations. There are just so many places to list, but Habitat for Humanity has helped contribute to the building of more than 800,000 homes to more than 4 million people in 16 Latin American countries, North America, Asia, Africa, the Caribbean and others. [Read more...]

The Benefits of Donations: Tax Season

TaxesFor those people that have generous hearts and enjoy giving to the needy with no thought or hope of anything in return, I highly commend you for your selflessness. There are very few finer things in life than giving of your time and resources in order to help a brother or sister in need. The world would unquestionably be a much happier and thriving place if everyone felt the same.

With all of that being said, my intention behind writing this blog post is not to inspire people to give and expect to get back, but rather to let them know that sometimes there are great benefits because you are generous to begin with. I want to briefly reveal some insight behind how the money you are donating can essentially aid you in receiving tax perks and benefits.

I believe in keeping things as simple as possible and so I will try to offer clear explanations of how this all works. First of all, if an individual were to give money to a qualified charity association then it may very well enable that person to a charitable donation deduction to be brought against their income tax if they make a list of their deductions. If your gifts qualify to be deductible then you would take the genuine cost of the particular donation that you gave and have it decreased by your tax savings. [Read more...]